The Wonder of Wonderworks Orlando



If you’ve driven down International Drive in Orlando before, then you have probably seen Wonderworks otherwise known as the upside down house.  It really stands out when you go past.  We had never been before and were invited to go and see what it was all about.


After looking at their website, we thought it might just be a fun little place to go for an hour on one of our afternoons out.  We were likening it to Ripley's Believe it Or Not.  We found out that it was so much more...




If you are staying on International drive then this is really easy to access.  Driving is your best bet for getting here, unless you are within walking distance.  Parking is available opposite Wonderworks.  There is a fee, but surprisingly not as expensive as you would think.  It is $4 for the first two hours and $2 per hour after that, with a maximum charge of $10.  I feel this is quite reasonable to pay for Florida.


If you are looking for other things to do to take up the whole day, then there is plenty to do nearby if you are parking the car all day.  They have IFly opposite if you fancy an indoor skydive, pirate golf, and plenty of places to eat, drink and shop.  




Hands On


So I must admit, we didn't realise how fun this place was going to be.  Also how interactive and how much stuff there was to do.  From the moment you’ve got your tickets the fun starts.  


You have to enter into the museum through a spinning tunnel.  If you are afraid of everything like my youngest then this may be a task for you to get your child through.  All can be fixed when they are small enough to pick up and take them through.  Completely fun and mind boggling.


On the first level they have a number of zones to do things and best of all for kids to touch.  They have a giant google maps which you can pinpoint to anywhere in the world.  As we are travelling we were trying to find out next destination on the map which was Costa Rica.  The girls thought this was so cool and were trying to find all the different places we’d been already.


They have different natural disaster zones which you can experience, like a hurricane and earthquakes.  This was pretty awesome.  They had a lightning hand where you can put on a special glove and see flashes coming out of your hands (perfect for dads who love superheroes).  They also had a place to get your picture taken here in front of a green screen (a fee applied for purchasing photos, but not obligatory).  


Upstairs they have a whole host of computer games that are all free for you to play, no extra costs.  They have air hockey, basketball and more.  If you dare take a ride on the bed of nails then they have that here for you too which is pretty fun for the kids thinking they are awesome for doing it.  Covered in giant nail imprints all over as we had so much fun doing over and over.


This is also the area where they have the spin rides and other exciting stuff, you will have to check your height so if its something your kids really want to do then check before you go here for height and weight restrictions. If you love Space then this zone is just for you.




Get Physical


If you don't mind heights then head on to the top floor as there is something just for you.  If you enjoy high ropes then you will be surprised to find out they have one in doors that also glows in the dark.  The Glow in The Dark Ropes Course is a kids dream.  A couple of warnings before you go.  If your kids are on the small side please check the heights here as they will need an adult to go with them.  If they are tall enough to go alone then thats great.  Just make sure they are not wearing the regular Florida footwear.  They require closed toe shoes or trainers to go on the high ropes, so just be warned, and parents that are wearing flip flops and sandals are a no go, so leave them at home for the day.  The course is awesome and completely safe, both of ours ventured without an adult as they were just tall enough.  You can wander around down below and snap some pictures of them too if you like.  


On the top floor they also have more arcade games, but these ones require you to pay, but are not too expensive.  We were having too much fun doing everything else though to use these.  We were setting up ready for laser tag.  One of our favourite things to do, and this was actually the girls first time doing it, not sure if we were more excited than the kids.  This was a great addition to our day out at Wonderworks and of course I won, I’ve never lost a game of laser quest much to JB Dads dismay.  

They also have a 4D adventure ride on this level, but the ride wasn’t up and running on the day we went so sadly we can’t comment on what it was like.  We do enjoy the 4D rides so I'm sure it’s fun.  




Magic Show


If you are planning on spending the day here, then you may as well stick around for the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show.  I have to say on behalf of the four of us we had so much fun and tears of laughter.  The show included all you can eat pizza, salad and drinks.  They are served while watching the magic show.  The show is fully interactive and it’s done by Tony Brent, who I have to say was hilarious.  He even got JB Dad up on stage to take part in the show, not that he could get his words out as he was laughing too much.  A fantastic show with a great host, and the kids enjoyed it so much.  I don't think you can go wrong with unlimited pizza and laughter.  




A thoroughly enjoyable day out for the whole family, young and old.  Don’t miss out on the magic show either, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  

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