Our 2018 Travel Itinerary


2018 is going to be a big year for us, and we have a great deal planned and places to visit.  We have already started off the year with a bang and gone global with our story.  If you have missed out on any of the press stories over the last week then be sure to check them out here.

So we are busy organising our trip in June when we head over to Asia, but we will be doing a tad more stuff in America before we return back to the UK for a short period of time.  Nothing is completely set in stone as of yet, but we have a rough guide of where will be visiting.  If you happen to be there along the way then we hope we can see you.  If there are anyone also wanting to work with us in any of the following locations, then please send us and email to info@jellybeantvworld.com We plan to visit the following places, nothing is set in stone yet, but we are getting a rough plan together.  Please let us know any of your suggestions of great things to do and places to see, we love hearing everyones stories.






 -New York City

United Kingdom









-Kuala Lumpur

-Port Dixon



-Kota Kinabalu




-Kuala Kingsar

-Cameron Highlands

-Perhentian Island





-Chiang Mai






-Siem Reap

-Phnom Pehn

-Koh Rong Samloem

-Koh Rong Island

-Song Saa Private Island




-Vang Viene

-Luang Prabang




-Ho Chi Minh City



-Hong Kong






Would be great to hear any ideas you have.  Just also want to say a big hello to all of our new subscribers.  Thank you for joining in with our family adventures, we hope you enjoy the ride.  More content is coming, we have just been super busy with everything we are catching up with content.  New YouTube video will be out tomorrow so make sure you are all subscribed so you don't miss it.


Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all in 2018.









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If life gets tough just keep climbing. You'll reach the top eventually 😀_._._
Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing today_ ._._
Such a cool dude 😎_._._
Sisters ❤️❤️_._._._
Refreshing water fall on a scorching hot day 😍_._._._
We had so much fun at Zion such a great place for families and couples. Hope you can all visit one d
The girls did an amazing job of walking though the Narrows at Zion. We had so much fun_._._
Always look after each other ❤️_
The girls now want a pet snake 😂 ._._._
We are getting ready for our second day at CVX. Semi finals are today. Wish us luck!!_._._._. ._._._
Don't ever be afraid to be yourself!_._._._
Where is your favourite place to go hiking__._._._
The Great SalT Lake high up in the mountains for this view!_.._._
Happy swim day. What are you all doing today_ ._._._
We stopped off at a Ranch and Ellie was practicing her lasso
Ellie loves rock climbing. What do you love to do__._._._
Heading to Salt Lake City today where are you guys going today. Happy Friday 😀_._._._
I climbed up to this little cave under the waterfall. It was super tricky but I made it all the way
We landed on Jupiter 😱 🚀 ._._._
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JB Mum and Miley having fun at the arcade 😀
Arrived at _bewilderwood_official 😀😀 #excited #jellyfam
Side by Side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by the heart ❤️ #gorgeous #instacute #instadai
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JellyBeanTV are made up of JBDad, JBMum, Ellie Jelly,  Miley Bean and now little cali.  We are a family of five from London, England.  We are a fun loving and crazy family.  Getting up to antics, travel, comedy and other fun things.


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