How to do Legoland Florida in a Day


When we were invited to Legoland Florida, we couldn’t wait.  Having Legoland Windsor on your doorstep and visiting multiple times, we were looking forward to seeing what Florida had in store for us.

After a restful nights sleep in the Legoland Beach Retreat, we were up bright and early for a hearty breakfast at the  Sandys castle Restaurant.  We had the early entry time and free priority parking.  We were parked up front under the covered area, which was a bonus so we were in a shady spot (which is exactly what you need in Florida heat.). 


How to maximise your time at the park by visiting at the right time of year


We had a plan to head straight to the back of the park to best use our time there. We picked a great time of year to visit, it wasn’t summer holidays for the kids anymore in England or America so it was actually pretty quiet.  We visited at the beginning of October, so they were still setting up for Halloween and some of the decorations were already present.  


We headed to the back of the park in about 10 minutes, and as predicted the rollercoasters were empty.  So heading on the rides was a breeze for us.  Nothing better to start your day after a full on breakfast than on a rollercoaster.  We headed on all of the big rides all day without any hassle. No queues and no moaning about being bored from the kids.  Ride after ride with no problems.  We had almost done the whole park by 1pm.  We were so busy running from ride to ride the kids didn't even ask for lunch.  


 What to eat and drink at Legoland


When we visit Legoland Windsor we always visit the Pizza buffet as kids normally eat free in the afternoon, so we planned originally to do the same thing in Florida.  The buffet is normally great for the kids with pasta and pizza unlimited, so they will always get their munch on.  


As mentioned there was no asking for food as the kids were so busy having fun they forgot all about eating.  I think eating a really good breakfast at the Beach Retreat helped too.  One thing you just can’t go without in Legoland is a drink.  So we purchased one of their refillable drink cups.  It wasn’t too expensive as we opted to just buy one for the four of us as you can refill it as much as you want.  This is also a way of saving money if you are on a tight budget. But if you are going to buy sodas for a family of four, then you are going to be paying the same amount as buying one of these cups.  So take our advice and just buy the cup.  You can refill it as many times you want.  They have the Coca Cola freestyle stations around different locations in the park, so if your kids argue about different drinks we just let them choose a drink in rotation to make life easier.  If you want to fill it with water in between refills we did that too as I'm not a big soda drinker.  So just make your trip a little easier by picking one of these up, especially in Florida heat it makes things a breeze.  Prices at the time we went were $12.99 for one refillable cup.  



Do I need to buy a Q Bot?


Well luckily for us we had managed to pretty much get all the rides done by 3pm, we were on a roll.  We had even watched two of the shows.  The only ride we queued for was the driving boat school. That was a 15 minute queue, even the driving school was empty.  We had never been able to ride this back in Windsor as the queue time was always an hour or more.  So this was a great chance for them to finally get their driving licences they had been waiting for.  I suggest you visit at the right time of year so you can save your money and glide through your time at the park like we did.  If however you are heading in the Peak time of year, then I really think the Q Bot would a be fantastic idea, as I don't know any kid that enjoys waiting in line for hours just to go on a ride for a few minutes.  The Q Bot is a great idea to skip the waiting time while you enjoy something else.  Definitely worth it for a peaceful and easy day.


What to do if it rains


So just as we hopped on the dragon rollercoaster, it started to rain.  By the time we exited the ride it was a full on thunderstorm.  Much to our dismay and being soaked through all the rides close when it rains this bad.  So we had nothing to do, or so we thought. We headed over to the imagination centre.


If like us, you always head to the rides and spend your day outside, then you are missing a gem of fun.  This was our first time visiting something indoor at Legoland, and now we will make more of an effort when we visit again to head indoors and go here.  If your kids love building lego and being creative then they will love it in here.  You can head to the registration desk and get a flight deck or some wheels and create something for then track.  Our girls spent 2 hours in here while it rained.  If your kids love destroying lego too then they have a great flight deck track, you can build your legos up and put it on then slope and watch then bricks smash up at the bottom.  So much fun for adults too.  


They have the racetrack slopes with an automated barrier just to make sure there is no cheating.  Keep on racing and adapting your race car to make sure you win.  Myself and JB Dad may have got a bit competitive in racing each other.  For older kids they have design stations, where they can play on Xbox and playstations. They have an earthquake centre so you can test out your creations on a deck and turn up the intensity to see if it falls.  


They have giant boards for you to put as many lego bricks on as you like, maybe even write your name on the board like we did.  They do clear the boards at the end of the day, so make sure you don't circle back around and see the lego employees taking it down, as you don’t want your child to be upset seeing their creation destroyed.


If the rain has ruined your day and you haven’t been given the time to go on any rides, make sure you had to customer services and they will be happy to give you a ticket to come and visit again.  These are not exchangeable or for resale, you will need I.D to get one and redeem them when you come back.  If you live outside of America they will give you an extended time, ours is valid for 3 years.


Our Top 5 Rides at Legoland Florida


1) New Ninjago Ride


Make sure you have plenty of energy up your sleeve for this 3D interactive ride.  This is similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney.  You sit in a car with your glasses on and shoot the bad guys.  Only there is a twist on this ride, no guns, just hand power.  You become a real life ninja, so get your karate chop practice in for this one, as its a full 5 minutes of pure karate chopping.  If you are competitive like us (well JB Mum and JB Dad) then you will be exhausted by the end of this ride.  So much fun though if you love this kind of ride. 




2) project x


This is one of those round the bend rollercoasters.  If you are carrying a little extra holiday weight (permanently) then this one might worry you a little as it does feel like you are going to tip over when you go full speed around the bends.  The girls loved this super fast one, with big dips and fast corners.  A super way to wake you up early in the morning. 


3) Flying school


The girls were scared of going on this at first, but once they faced their fears, they loved it.  They don’t have this ride back in England, but if you are from England and have riden the Nemesis at Alton Towers, it is like a kids version of this without going upside down.  I must admit I was a little scared for the kids, with seeing the big gaps between the seat and the overhead barrier, but they were safe, and they loved it.  Fun for all ages, just cut down on those twinkles so you can fit in the straps.




This ride was an old wooden rollercoaster, but being a big fan of these type of coasters it was so much fun for the girls to experience their first time on one.  This is a fast one and similar to a runaway train typer coaster.  Plenty of big dips and fast turns on this one.  Goes around the prehistoric area.  Lots of thrills for the older ones, just check the heights of the kids before you go so they don’t get disappointed.  


5) Driving school


Our girls had waited forever to ride this one.  They felt like grown ups, by obeying traffic signals and having a small driving lesson before hand.  I won't say our girls are ready to drive on the real road yet but they enjoyed it.  They aren’t incredibly fast, so if your child has a 4 wheeler already, they may find it slightly too slow and boring.  I definitely wouldn’t queue for over an hour for this ride, but if you are lucky enough to enter with no queue then head on it.  Be warned the driving licences are not free, they are incredibly expensive for what they are, but as we had promised them for such a long time that we would get them one, we had to fork out the money to buy them one each.  Just for a complete package and full experience be prepared to pay for it. passes cost $19.99 each or $29.99 for two. Otherwise its a great time for the little ones.


 Things to not miss out on


Make sure you make time for the shows.  Sadly we missed the pirate shows as we were waiting till the afternoon, but as it got rained off we missed it.  Make sure if you have time in your day and you haven’t seen it before then put it on your list, as the show is amazing.  If you want 4D shows, then they have two different ones.  If you need a bit of a break from the sun in some air-con then this is a nice time to go.  Try not to go when it’s raining as it will most likely be full and you may not get in on the busy days.  They had two different shows on the day we visited, we got to see both of them, and they were really fun, for the kids and grown ups.  Check the planner for times showing on then days you arrive, so you can plan your day around it.  They also have a spot there for meeting characters, Emmet was there when we visited, but they change it up so it could be someone different when you visit.


Don’t miss out on Chima, (warning you will get wet) very wet!  We went on this ride at the end of the day, we were already wet from then rain so it made no difference to get even more wet.  It was fun, and I can imagine how nice it is to visit on a really hot day.  Make sure you have a change of clothes if you are heading home straight after, as it is on the way out.  Super fun for people that aren’t on the ride as they have water guns to shoot people coming round.  Be careful parents as they will aim for you and not the kids.


End of the day


If you are in the carpark, you can always pop into the Legoland Hotel. We popped over to get changed into some fresh clothes after we were all so wet.  Be warned though it can be super busy in there, they have a fantastic play area for kids with lego and places to hide, so make sure you have tabs on the kids if you go.  This is where Bricks restaurant is, if you want something to eat at the end of the day also.  If you are staying at the Beach Retreat, you also have access to this pool if you want a change from the pool over that side.


Overall we had a fantastic day and can’t wait to go visit again in the future.  Our girls were 6 and 7 when we took them to visit and were tall enough to ride all of the rides, except our 6 year old couldn't ride Mia’s Riding School in Heartlake City.  Just check height restrictions before you leave so you don’t have disappointed children for the day.  Most of the rides are great for all ages so don’t worry too much.

Hope you have a great visit if you decide to go.  It’s a nice change from Disney or Universal if you are in the area as its’ just a short 40 minute drive from the area.  Thank you Legoland for having us, we hope to see you soon.


ticket prices start from $73.99 for the day, you can see the prices here 

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