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 If you are lego fans like our girls, and you’ve stood on a million different pieces of it around the house, then you have either already visited or are planning a visit to Legoland.  With the newly built Lego Beach Retreat Resort, we wanted to make our trip extra special, so when we were invited to Legoland Florida to review the park we decided to stay for the night to see what it was all about. 


1) Drive Thru check in!


 With Florida being overrun with Disney and Universal, its easy to forget about other Theme Parks to visit, and Legoland is certainly not a place to miss if you’re in the area.  After a 3 hour journey drive up from West Palm Beach, we docked at the entrance to the Legoland Beach Retreat.  It was great, there were pirate lego characters built at the entrance and a drive up check in.  Why have I never seen one of these before?  What a great idea!  We didn’t need to take the kids out of the car to check in, just do it all in the car and get our shack details without stepping out of the vehicle.  We were given the keys and a map of the resort and map for the park, and off we went.


We parked up close by, and our Beach Shack was right next to the pool with a great view of the lake, it was the perfect spot for us.  The little beach shacks are so cute from the outside, with their lego beach theme.  Lego surfboards and crabs are outside on the walls.  A little table and four chairs outside on the porch.  (Great for watching the kids play on the park opposite.)  Once we opened the door and went inside the kids were amazed.   


2)  It’s a kids lego paradise!


If you want somewhere that is designed for kids and is purely based on kids alone, then this is definitely the place to go.  The walls are decorated with lego characters, even the curtains.  They have one big curtain which is separate from the main room and has sweet little bunk beds for the kids.  All designed for them too, with a big mural on one side of the wall, and even a lego box to play with.  The bunk beds are great, and if you are a family with 3 kids then be assured there is a pull out bed at the bottom for a third child.  So no worries for parents that usually need two rooms, it is ready and waiting.  We actually used the trundle bed underneath just incase our daughter decided to roll out of the bed.  If your kids are anything like mine, they roll around in their sleep so much they are always falling out.  Top bunk had barriers all the way around so no problems for parents with active sleepers.



On to, and not forgetting the bathroom.  Another win for the kids, with the big lego shower curtain.  Plenty of toiletries and towels provided.  Also a small note, if you are potty training your kid.  The toilet seat has an extra seat  thats hidden in the lid which is for those with small bottoms (hurray for extra car space not having to bring your own) yes included is the boring photo of the toilet.


I love how this place is decorated for the kids.  Every time we’ve been to Disney we have always been disappointed with how grown up they have made it.  I always dreamed it would be a kid paradise and this place definitely has that feel for them.  Its bright and spacious, plenty of drawers for storage if you are staying for a few days.  A fridge is included in the room, if you are bringing snacks to save on cash.  There is a Publix next to the site if you need to pick up extras.  There was a 2 bottles of water and 2 apples juices waiting for when we arrived too that were free, which was a nice touch after a long journey in the car.  On a side note they have a huge king bed which is super comfortable for parents (bonus) for getting some rest after a long day at the park. 



3) The pool is so much fun

If your kids are like mine then the first thing they ask when we go anywhere is, “do they have a pool?”  Well we answered with a big resounding YES!  The pool is heated year round so it’s really nice for staying up late and taking a dip after a long day at the park.  They have Lego Bricks in the pool, YES!!! Big Giant foam ones, we had so much fun with these building a big brick wall and even making a boat.  Yes a BOAT! You can see that in our video for sure.  


Not only did they have the pool, but there was a beach area so the kids can play in the sand, and they even have a park with a slide and things to climb on in the sand.  There is plenty of places to sit on their colourful beach loungers, and relax with a cocktail (if you so wish) and watch the kids at the same time.  The park is fully enclosed and there are plenty of lifeguards around so you can relax knowing they are safe.  If you want a break from entertaining the kids in the evening the lifeguards also double as kids entertainers, with fun games and a disco by the pool, there is also a daily countdown for switching on the lighthouse.  


If you are fancy a late night snack, they have a fire you can sit around and make Smores.  They sold kits for $10 which included 3 Hershey Bars, Graham Crackers, Marshmallows and Wipes for a clean tidy up.  I thought this was a great price for what you got.  They provide the sticks and plates at the fire for you to enjoy cooking smores with the kids.  This was also our first time trying smores since arriving in America too, and they were a big hit!


4) The Perks of the Legoland Hotel at half the price


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative than the Legoland Hotel which can add up to a fair whack of money, then you can still get that lego experience for a much cheaper price over at the Beach Retreat, with all the added bonuses of the main hotel. Prices started from $99 per night, they have packages with and without tickets, so you can fit it to whichever deal you want.  They are always doing special deals too so make sure you keep an eye out on their website.  


The price includes a breakfast buffet, which was surprisingly good.  They had a mixture of everything, from pancakes to fruit, so their were enough options to suit everyones needs.  Plenty of options for drinks with a great selection of coffee to get you moving in the morning.  You will need that extra pep because you also get early entry to then park, so you can beat those queues for tickets and entry by staying here, for us this is the best part about staying at the Beach Retreat.


Included is parking at the resort and also parking for the park which is normally $17 for the day, so once you include the price you would normally pay for breakfast and the parking it’s not too expensive for the room when it comes down to it.  

If you want to eat in the evening they have the Sandy’s Castle Restaurant, which is a little pricey, but they had a deal for $40 which included up to 2 kids meals, and 2 entrees and main meals for the parents and a drink.  The food was great and really reasonable for a sit down meal.  There is also a giant sandcastle made of lego in the dining room so the kids can play once they have finished eating, giving us parents the chance to finish ours (in peace.)


If you want to eat by the pool for lunch, they serve snacks and even a take away pizza at really great prices.  You can also get some ice creams for the kids and some great grown up drinks to enjoy by the pool.


5) Getting to meet Lego Characters


While we visited we got to meet Captain Brickbeard, it was his debut in the restaurant, and was great to have that character dining experience with our meal.  The kids loved it.  This was a great surprise for us as it was nice to be able to relax and eat and have him come around and meet the kids.  Saved us queuing up in the park to get a photo, a fun experience brought right to your table.


So if you are looking for a fun place to visit thats great value for money and is going to keep the kids happy and entertained on your trip to Florida, then this is the place to be.


This post was brought to you by Legoland.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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