Why You Will Go Loco For Coco Key Orlando


So when we head to Orlando we think Disney and Universal, but what about those hidden places that you just don’t know about.  We went to visit a really great Hotel for families who love the outdoor waterparks and arcades.  Coco Key Orlando is the perfect mix for all kids and adults alike.




The Water Park


If you want to try a waterpark that’s low key, and not as crowded as the other waterparks, then you need to visit Coco Key Orlando.  They have 14 water slides and 3 heated pools.  They have a small shallow pool for the little ones, with water guns and giant mushrooms that water pours down.  They have some slow small slides that your toddlers will enjoy too.


They also have a warmer deeper pool for the older kids, one section is cordoned off for the slide they have, but you need to be 120cm to ride this one as it lands in the deep water.  Our 6 year old was just slightly too small.  The pools and toddler area are all undercover too, so if it does rain while you are using the slides outside, you can come here to wait out the storm.


The splash park is great, with a giant tipping bucket and different slides to ride from different levels. Plenty of sun loungers to relax on while your little ones run around but still keep a close eye.  They also have the 3 big waterslides.  They have a super fast dark one, which our kids loved and rode many times.  They had the tide slide where you can ride as a duo or on single tubes.


They also had the big boomerang, but we couldn’t test this one out as it was closed for repairs following the hurricane.  It did look super fun and wish we could have tried it.  If you love slides and water fun, then it really is great place to come with the kids for the day, or enjoy while you are staying at the resort.


If you are a guest at the hotel, they have an outdoor pool with a hot tub for the adults to enjoy while the kids play, this is just exclusively for hotel guests, so if you have a day pass you can’t enjoy this pool.  This is another reason why its great to be staying at the resort as you get access to these facilities. 


 The Arcade


If you love games like our kids then this 6,500 square foot arcade is for you.  From car racing to dance machines, they have something for everyone.  JBMum does like to shoot a hoop or two and they have some basketball games if you like these.  They have plenty of pool tables, and air hockey, they even have some bowling lanes.  


You can just pick yourself up a card from the machine, and top it up easily with some credit points, then just head to the machines you want and swipe away.  You can win tickets along the way and exchange them for prizes and the desk.  




Birthday Parties


So one of the best features of this hotel is that it caters for kids birthday parties.  If you are in the area celebrating while on vacation you can make your child's stay more memorable.  With a Waterpark, arcade and Pizza party what more could you ask for.  They get there own little room to share the fun with their friends and family and enjoy the time at the resort. Check out the different packages here.





Coco Key Orlando is in the best area, it’s on International drive, which is the hub for all things fun.  Next door they have a Zombie House and the Titanic Exhibition if you area already thinking of going then its the perfect spot.  If you want to take the kids to the fun fair in the evening they have Magical Midway 5 minutes walk away.  For a nice meal out if you don't fancy eating on the property then their is plenty of choice nearby, from Chuck E Cheese to McDonalds.  


The hotel is also located close by to the universal attractions if you are going to visit.


Shuttle Service


If you are going to any of the attractions nearby, Universal, Aquatica or Seaworld, then they offer a complimentary shuttle service to these.  They are on a first come first served basis, so make sure you book in early.  


If you are wanting to head to Disney they do a shuttle for $18pp return which if you don’t have your own transport it is an option.


If you want to head to Busch Gardens and purchase your ticket here you will also receive free transportation, which is great as its a bit of a drive away.  So let them take care of the driving for the day and relax on the way back after a busy day in the park.


Fitness Centre


If you are a health junkie then don’t worry, while the kids are still in bed in the morning or you manage to catch a break in the afternoon, then make use of the 1000 square foot fitness centre.  With state of the art equipment, new treadmills and cardio machines



Accommodation for families


They have plenty of accommodation available for small and large families, you get king rooms with sofa beds, and queen beds.  They also do connecting rooms with 2 large beds in each for larger families or for parents that want some privacy.

Each room comes with a fridge and microwave, coffeemaker, iron and a board.  They have a desk if you need to get some work done and a nice little dressing table with a big mirror and lights.  We had a couple of microwave meals that we picked up from Walmart, which is just down the road if you are on a budget or just fancy a night in.



Restaurants and Tiki Bar


If you do want to eat on the property they have a selection of places to eat.

Tradewinds restaurant is the place to get your munch on in the morning.  If you like a buffet with all American breakfast then you will love it.  Also the kids get to make their very own waffles with the waffle maker which was so much fun.  If you hang around long enough you might just get a visit from Coco.


Callaloo Grille is great if you have the kids as its all geared towards them.  With selections of Burgers, chicken fingers and wraps the kids will be happy to grab something quick to eat after a day of swimming at the pool.


If you are over 21 and manage to escape the little ones for a while then they do have the Tiki Bar which you can get some great cocktails and appetisers if you fancy a bite to eat.  


don't forget if you forget to bring something there is an onsite convenience store.


 Attraction Desk


If you haven’t got around to getting your tickets for the parks yet, then you can always grab them here at the desk, so you don't need to venture out and pick them up.  They do all then main attractions for you at a great rate.




Meet the Mascot


Yes Coco Key has its own character that roams the land.  He’s Coco and you can meet him around the pool area everyday, or if you’re heading for breakfast, you might just catch him there too.


also saying thank you for our welcome gift from the team, it was great thank you so much.


Next time your in Orlando make sure you book your next vacation at Coco Key, its such great value for money and ready for the kids the enjoy.




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