JellyBeanTV are Going to America

Well this is the first Blog entry.  Its Donna here, as many of you are aware that watch our lifestreams and YouTube channel we have decided to head to America.  We will be heading over to Orlando on the 16th June 2017, we will be heading over to Universal studios for a few days and hitting the parks.  If you're in the are at the time feel free to seek us out, we will be there for a few days.


On June 20th 2017 we will be heading off over to Los Angeles and making our way over to VidCon in Anaheim, we will be there till June 25th, so if you are going to VidCon please make sure you head on over and say hi to us and grab a photo or even make a  We would be happy to take the time for you guys.


VidCon will be a great opportunity for us to meet everyone in the industry that we've not had chance to catch up with yet since joining YouTube and, so hope to make some connections and meet with some fellow good friend musers.  Stay tuned for that blog and also our vlog for what we get up to in Anaheim as there will be lots of people you will want to see too.

June 25th we head back to Orlando, and are going to visit DisneyWorld for 6 days.  The girls have never been to DisneyWorld yet in America, just been to the one in Paris.  So this is going to be Disney on a grand scale for them.  We can't wait to take them.  It's going to be a busy time of year for us to visit, but hoping it won't be too bad for us.  Hopefully our family and good friends can join us at Disney too so we can hang out for a few days and catch up with everyone.  JBDad and the girls will be heading back to the UK on 1st July, I will be staying with my family in West Palm Beach for a further two weeks to do some work for university to finalise my degree before I head back home.


Exciting times coming up and manic times, as we head back to the UK to pack up our belongings and get ready to leave to head back to the USA for our 6 month adventure.  We are so excited to begin our travel journey.


Sorry this is a short and sweet post, but just wanted to check in with everyone on my day off work an update anyone that wasn't sure of what was happening.  We can't wait to share everything with you thats coming up this year.  Vlogs are going to get a lot more fun and we will have a lot more time to focus on our social media and pump things up.  Just stick with us guys and we thank you so much for the support you've given us this year, you have all been amazing.


Check in with you all soon xx




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