JellyBeanTV are made up of Chris, Donna, Ellie who is 10 and Miley who is 9 and now little Cali who is 1 Years old.  We are a family of five from London, England.  We are a fun loving and crazy family.  Getting up to antics, travel, comedy and other fun things.

JellyBeanTV started their YouTube channel in September 2016, they also started their account at the same time. now knows at tik tok quickly shot off the mark and now have an account with over 900,000 fans.


With over 100,000 subscribers now and growing our YouTube contains our daily vlogs of our day to day life and fun challenges and gaming videos.


With our social media career taking the front hold and keeping us financially stable, we have decided to head over to America in July 2017.  We took the children out of full time education and Home Schooled them for this period.  We came back in 2018 in the hopes of a small break to set off to travel again, little to our knowledge did we have a surprise on the way and a new addition entered our little family at the end of 2018.


we have since settled down to live for now in wales while we let our little one grow, we are expecting some more exciting travels coming up soon.  

Ellie is 10 years old. She loves the outdoors and swimming.  She loves gymnastics and praticing outside in the garden.  She loves to draw and spends a lot of time making crafts and art.  She enjoys taking part in most sports and is very competitive.  Shy sense of humour but completely hilarious in her own right.  With her silly characters like Curly that likes to make an appearance on  Very much a mummy's girl but enjoys daddy's crazy antics.  Massive fan of Michael Jackson and will usually be blaring out his songs on her stereo.

Miley is 9 years old.  If you don't see her you will definitely hear her, born with probably the biggest set of lungs known to man.  She loves swimming an basketball.  She loves riding her scooter and is a bit of a speed demon.  Very clumsy like her mum and always tripping over herself.  Also loves crafts and doing her writing.​  Miley has a wacky sense of humour and is always pulling faces or crazy dancing to make smile.  Daddy's girl all round and is very much his mini me.  Always dancing to the likes of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift.

cali is 1 years old and our new addition, he mostly likes dribbling and screeching, but has the biggest smile and laugh.  he loves his sisters and cant wait to go on adventures with them

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JellyBeanTV are made up of JBDad, JBMum, Ellie Jelly,  Miley Bean and now little cali.  We are a family of five from London, England.  We are a fun loving and crazy family.  Getting up to antics, travel, comedy and other fun things.


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